The importance of posture in youths

the-importance-of-posture-in-youthsDuring a recent post, I touched briefly on how a small thing like poor posture can actually drain kids’ energy levels during the course of a day—and how Pilates can improve that posture, giving them more energy to focus on things like schoolwork and personal development. I wanted to delve into this topic a bit further, because I think it’s one that many people understand is important, but rarely go beyond the surface details why it’s actually a central to many health issues for youth.


Why do kids adopt poor posture as they get older? Sometimes, it’s actually because they feel “too tall” compared to their peers, and slump to try and visually fit in. Other times, it’s simply habit from sitting at a school desk all week (a topic we’ll discuss more in another post). Time spent sitting in front of the computer or TV at home can be a contributing factor, as can injuries from sports or other physical activities.


Whatever the reason, poor posture, especially when allowed to settle in from childhood onwards, can cause all manner of health issues. This includes that fatigue we talked about earlier, as well as joint stiffness and pain, tight muscles, a loss of flexibility, heightened stress, weight gain, and even decreased mental and emotional confidence. As children grow up with bad posture, they tend to move less and be less physically active overall.


Whereas with good posture, kids can enjoy strong joints and muscle groups, improved moods, spatial awareness, better digestion, and fuller breathing—all of which contribute to a higher overall quality of life.


These are just some of the reasons why Youth to the Core emphasizes good posture so much, throughout all the exercises and health programming we do with kids. We know how much it will positively impact them, not just on a daily basis, but into adulthood as well. Poor posture can be an unconscious development in a child’s life, occurring gradually during their formative years. However, you can make encouraging their good posture a conscious choice, and we’re here to help you do so!