Getting Back to the Basics of Youth Health!

With so many jazzy and snazzy youth activity programs popping up all across the country, the general theme of kid-focused fitness seems to be one of…well…almost desperation, if you think about it. From coast to coast, the frantic cries are ringing out, “We’ve got to get our kids healthy again! Child obesity is an epidemic! How can we possibly promote a healthy lifestyle while competing with junk food and video games?”

We view our kids as if they’re in the grip of some unhealthy thrall. Sometimes it seems like we even believe they’re unable to make healthy choices unless they’re forced upon them, or we drag them away from their tablets and toys and shackle them to the nearest gym equipment—or force them to eat every last pea and brussel sprout before dessert is an option.

Let’s give our kids more credit than that. Kids these days…they’re smart. They’re connected. They’ve got huge amounts of energy, both mental and physical, that they want to get out. They know what it’s like to make healthy or unhealthy choices—and even if they aren’t immediately aware, they’re faster learners when given the opportunity.

That’s one of the reasons why Youth to the Core was developed. To give kids the opportunity to learn what a healthy lifestyle looks like and how to apply it long-term. To give kids a powerful and effective fitness program while also educating them at the same time, so they aren’t just going through the motions but understand more about how their bodies work and why certain techniques will benefit them now and as adults.

If you ask any kid whether they want to be healthy or not, doubtful any of them are going to say “No.” But a lot of them might follow-up saying, “I’m just not sure how,” or “I’m trying, but nothing seems to help.”

When kids are empowered by instructors who not only help them get active, but also combine entertainment and education, that confusion and that uncertainty vanishes. When they have the knowledge and tools necessary to build healthy habits for a lifetime, you’ll be surprised how many of them will strive to do so—and be happier to accomplish more on their own initiative.

And that’s what Youth to the Core is all about!

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