Promoting Active Education in a Classroom Environment!

Many people still approach the mind and body as separate components of health. Or they consider the “mind” element to be primary, and the body is submissive to it, with health being the result of mental willpower or some such. The truth is, they’re interlinked and equally important. Yes, the mind is essential to pursuing and achieving lifelong health, but understand the body and using it as a teaching tool is also just as valid!

At Youth to the Core, we’ve realized the body-as-a-teaching-tool is one of the critical elements missing from most youth fitness programs these days. It’s almost like physical education classes have become a chance for kids to “turn off” their brains and just be physically active, while once they’re back in class, they “turn off” their bodies and just engage their minds. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive! In fact, great gains can be seen in both body and mind when they’re nurtured together.

How does the body help the mind grow? How about through the teaching of spatial relationships, increased vocabulary, improved social interactions, and the development of maturity and personal responsibility? That’s just for starters. Plus, when even brief physical activity is introduced to a classroom, it can help boost focus and increase kids’ learning potential. The teachers we interact with on a daily and weekly basis are constantly telling us how surprised they are by how engaged students can be when a study plan is balanced by even small and short bursts of stretching, jumping jacks, or Pilates-based routines.

Mathematics…physics…biology…these are all areas that our Youth to the Core Pilates programs encourage kids to engage in and learn—all without them ever feeling like they’re being forced to do extra homework or tackle topics they aren’t prepared for. It’s just a natural extension of the physical benefits (which are numerous, in themselves).

So if you’re looking for a youth program that provides major returns on investments, especially on multiple levels, Youth to the Core is here to fulfill that need!

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