The Under-rated necessity of structured recess

When I think back to my own time at recess, I am immediately reminded of the rush of fresh air on my face, the smell of fresh bark, the sound of my friends shouting and laughing in the distance and most importantly, the winded satisfaction I felt in my lungs as I walked back to class. We all know getting out and running around like a chicken with our head cut off was fun, but none of us knew it was making a huge difference on our academic performance, attention and behavior. Who knew just playing around at recess could have such great results!

Unfortunately, only 45% of schools in a recent study met the required 30 minutes of recess per day during school, meaning less than half of school age kids get the recommended amount of physical activity per day. Now that we know physical activity holds serious importance, how can we make sure kids get the consistent physical activity at recess they need?

When I was a kid, everybody played some manner of game involving cardio at recess. Whether it was ultimate tag, wall ball or hot lava monster (my all-time favorite), everybody was active. We were a lucky school: we had a fun non- creepy PE teacher, teachers who taught us fun games to get us hooked on cardio, and yard supervisors who encouraged us to involve the whole playground in games of tag or tetherball tournaments. It’s the teachers and the yard supervisors that have a huge impact on what our kids do at recess. So really, the key to a fulfilling recess with good physical activity is supervision: teachers showing kids games to keep them busy and entertained and yard supervisors coordinating large scale, active games.

The advantages that kids receive from quality supervised exercise are invaluable. In fact, a recent study has shown that kids consistently get more quality active time at recess with supervision, just think of all the added benefits your child would receive with that extra time of activity! At Youth to the core, we work to provide these advantages to the large population of kids who don’t get such high quality supervised exercise. With a custom tailored curriculum, we teach kids how they can keep themselves healthy and let the results speak for themselves.

To learn more about Youth to the Core and the amazing work we are doing, explore our site and contact us. Thanks for reading!

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