Comparing Youth to the Core and Presidents Youth Fitness Program

There are only a few other programs that offer a similar program to Youth to the Core so we’ve decided to review them and compare their programs to what we offer here at Youth to the Core.

The Presidents Youth Fitness Program (PYTFP) is an assessment program that was created in partnership with the National Association of Physical Education (NASPE) and FitnessGram. Together they’ve created a complimentary fitness assessment used to determine the fitness level of students from fourth grade and higher and introduce the idea of a healthy lifestyle to elementary students. PYFP and NASPE believe that measuring and assessing fitness levels from these early grades will enhance the idea of physical education for students and parents. PYFP requires a PE teacher to administer the assessments and some equipment.

We’ve identified a few main differences between Youth to the Core and Presidents Youth Fitness Program:

The PYFP doesn’t provide instructors or an ongoing curriculum to teach physical education – it is simply an assessment program and, because it leverages equipment owned by schools, it can’t be truly standardized across schools. Youth To The Core provides an opportunity for a consistent base of testing across all schools by not utilizing equipment yet the assessment is comparable to that of PYFP. Utilizing the same assessment tools between schools gives a better comparison on students fitness levels because they are given the same test with the same format. Not all schools can administer a FitnessGram Pacer Run nor are they equipped to administer 4 of the 8 testing exercises required by PYFP.

Youth to the Core starts our fitness assessments in grade 1, not grade 4. The PYFP begins testing in grade 4 and suggests grades K-3 is to teach proper technique and enjoyment. Administering the fitness test in grades 1-3 prepares the students for testing, improve the schools overall fitness level and provides additional data for research.

PYFP requires a PE teacher to be on staff and equipment to perform the tests. This eliminates a significant number of schools and clouds the overall analysis when determining if your school is fit or healthy. Youth to the Core brings trained educators to administer the assessments and teach the program to eliminate testing errors and maintain a consistent protocol.

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