Comparing Youth to the Core and SPARK

PARK is a program that holds a 6 hour or 12 hour workshop to train school educators to implement a physical education program on their own. They are provided with materials and assessment forms for the teacher to implement and support. Once the workshops are completed SPARK provides a follow-up and sustainability program for the school to receive phone support from SPARK. The Two Day 12 hour workshop costs $4,699.00 and the One Day 6 hour workshop costs $2,699.00. SPARK programs do not include the costs of curriculum, equipment or educator and indicates it is not for every schools scenario.

Here are the three main differences between Youth to the Core and SPARK:

Spark is simply a workshop based program, not an in-school training program. Youth to the Core provides hands on participation that allows teachers to work with and observe students while the program is in place so you can address situations in their own setting. Short workshop trainings do not allow the educator to completely understand the concept of the programs and therefor makes it difficult to give the most to the students.

Youth to the Core provides an entire in-school curriculum for every school scenario. By incorporating age appropriate writing and drawing assignments throughout the year, Youth to the Core is able to assist students who may not be working at the appropriate grade level. Youth to the Core’s learn, move, learn concept allows the students to better comprehend math, science, language and social skills while also staying active and having fun.

Youth to the Core provides consistent educational material for grades T/k – 6. Keeping the program materials the same for each grade helps teachers reinforce within their classroom and brings familiarity to students at every grade level.   Youth to the Core’s weekly lesson plan is the same for each grade while the level of vocabulary, assignments and test evaluations are dependent on the grade. Since the body does not change beyond normal growth stages each year, using this academic and physical building concept brings repetition to each student each year for improved learning capabilities.

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