Comparing Youth to the Core to BOKS (Build Our Kids)

Sponsored by Reebok, BOKS is a 45 minute before school program for grades K-5 that’s either organized into a 12 week curriculum delivered twice a year or three times per week delivered year round. Each session uses a 5 segment exercise program with a weekly skill topic that includes games associated to the skill and concludes each class with brief age level appropriate discussion of nutrition. Using reference materials for academic reinforcement, BOKS provides teachers with some materials to implement the program. Teachers are required to travel to the Reebok headquarters for a one day training workshop and are provided with remote support from BOKS trainers for any questions and updates they may need to discuss.

Here are the differences that we’ve identified between Youth to the Core and BOKS:

BOKS is strictly a before school program which limits the number of students who are able to consistently participate in the activities. YTTC includes an organized before and after school program that reinforces the Exercise Science lesson through the entire school year and can be counted towards the state mandated minutes.

Youth to the Core provides  a prepared curriculum that assures each school will be consistent each year with each grade and eliminates teachers preparation and saves time. Following the same lesson plan modified to each grade brings continuity and gives the school a clear picture of progress with each individual student. This gives cognitive feedback on each student that is not always possible from written tests.

All BOKS educators must travel to the Reebok training center. Traveling off site for a short workshop hinders the ability to transfer the program into the specific setting of your school. Being able to actively participate in the program at your school and with your students provides the practical experience needed so the teachers are comfortable. This eliminates inconsistencies within each grade and allows for repeated protocol so students learn with ease.

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