Pilates is Perfect for Growing Athletes

pilates-is-perfect-for-growing-athletesAre you an athlete? Maybe you’re a basketball player, track athlete or football player. Perhaps you’re a dancer, runner, or swimmer. No matter what sport it is you play, there’s one thing that can help hone your strength, increase your flexibility, and enhance your power: Pilates.

Pilates helps focus your mind on your body’s needs, putting you more in tune with your body and laying an excellent foundation for any and every sport. There are numerous ways that Pilates can enhance your performance, but let’s take a look at three of the most important:


1. Pilates focuses on lengthening muscles and increasing flexibility

These two benefits will help improve your durability and performance in all kinds of sports. Bulky and inflexible muscles are highly prone to injury. By utilizing the natural, full-body motions of Pilates, athletes will sculpt long, lean muscles that improve resistance to injury, increase strength, speed and explosiveness in athletics and even aid in healthy long-term fat loss.


2. Pilates strengthens your core

All of the power and explosiveness required for athletics derive from the strength of an athlete’s core. A strong and flexible core is required for everything from lifting a package to pitching a shutout. A strong core is the foundation of all top-tier athletic performance, and Pilates is a great way to attain the core strength required to compete at the highest levels. The exercises practiced in Pilates focus on strengthening your core and increasing your flexibility to protect your spine and increase your dynamic capabilities on the athletic field.


3. Pilates provides an all-around performance boost 

Pilates is focused on developing the entire body and provides an overall system for total athletic development. Repetitive exercises will strengthen some muscles while allowing others to become weak. The total body approach in Pilates corrects these imbalances and trains athletes as a total package.

This is just the beginning of the extensive list of reasons why Pilates is an excellent practice for any athlete wishing to improve their overall health and performance.

Many professional sports teams from the NBA to the NFL – including the Orlando Magic, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers – have started to incorporate Pilates into their training regimen as they begin to realize the incredible benefits of consistent Pilates practice.

Many NCAA athletic programs have also begun to use Pilates in their training as they realize its use in preventing injuries and increasing the performance of athletes from a wide variety of different sports.


If you’re interested in becoming the best athlete you can be while also preventing injury and contributing to your overall health, then it’s time to try Pilates. Call Youth to the Core today to learn more about the wide range of classes available for young athletes of all ages and skill levels, or check out www.YouthToTheCore.com to sign up for a class right now!

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