About Us



Youth to the Core was conceived by Bret Caslavka more than 20 years ago and he has been defining and refining the program ever since.  Bret employs his 35 years of experience in the fitness industry and his formidable knowledge of the Pilates technique to craft a program that enriches children in both body and mind.  Starting at age 4 we can make a positive, indelible impression with life long, positive affects to children of any socio economic situation.




Studies show that an active child in school performs better academically and that is why we work directly with the school to implement physical activity in the daily lives of children everywhere.  We ensure children will have standardized PE, organized recess with before and after school programs especially in low-income areas where physical activity is usually the first thing to go.




Children are unique and they crave information.  This is why we developed and exercise curriculum specifically for growing children.  Providing a challenging, grade specific program provides opportunities for children to grow mentally and physically while continually building on what they have learned. Our stimulating educational activities give children a chance to put what they have learned into context, so they can continue to expand their knowledge and grow for a successful future.