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Youth to the Core: Green Day

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Not enough P.E. at your school? Call this guy

As a kinesiologist and owner of a Pilates studio, it’s easy to see that Bret Caslavka has a passion for fitness. But the Bankers Hill resident isn’t stopping there. He also created Youth to the Core, a nonprofit program with a mission to bring more physical education to schools. The program teaches kids everything from …


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Test Scores and Physical Education: a Priority Run Amok

The “No Child Left Behind” Act first implemented in 2002 has created a testing frenzy in many of our schools.  It has resulted in the elimination of art and music, so teachers have more time to prepare for tests.  But it has also impacted kids in other ways.  Now, more than ever, as schools across …


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Joseph E. Donnelly – “Physical Activity and Academic Achievement in Elementary School Children”

Hear one of our board members, Joseph E. Donnelly discuss the coorelation between physical activity and academics in elementary school youth.


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Physical Education Helps Students Academically

Perhaps we should blame the aggressive chlorine smell from the towels; maybe an inopportune crack from Mr. Biller, the gym teacher, or maybe the kids who made fun of our knees and calves. But a lot us have less than flowery memories of pys ed. In fact, some people may think of physical education as …


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6 Ways Exercise Science Builds Healthy Lifestyles

We’ve talked a lot here at Youth to the Core about why physical education and a sound knowledge of the science of exercise is so important for growing children. Unfortunately, many schools have slashed physical education from their curriculums and children are left to piece together their own information about their health and personal well-being. …


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Exercise Science: Boosting Test Scores with Exercise

Anyone who follows our blog here at Youth to the Core knows how strongly we feel about keeping recess and exercise science in our children’s schools. We’ve written before about the importance of recess and PE in the overall development of a well-rounded education, but today we’re going to talk about how regular exercise can …


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Promoting Active Education in a Classroom Environment!

Many people still approach the mind and body as separate components of health. Or they consider the “mind” element to be primary, and the body is submissive to it, with health being the result of mental willpower or some such. The truth is, they’re interlinked and equally important. Yes, the mind is essential to pursuing …


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Flex that Mental Muscle!

We’ve talked about how important warm-ups are before kids start any sort of sport or physical activity. A warm-up before working out (such as in a Pilates session), not only benefits the body, but can also boost mental engagement and focus. In the same vein, we love making Pilates not just about physical growth, but …