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Youth to the Core: Green Day

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Pilates is Perfect for Growing Athletes

Are you an athlete? Maybe you’re a basketball player, track athlete or football player. Perhaps you’re a dancer, runner, or swimmer. No matter what sport it is you play, there’s one thing that can help hone your strength, increase your flexibility, and enhance your power: Pilates. Pilates helps focus your mind on your body’s needs, …


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Comparing Youth to the Core to BOKS (Build Our Kids)

Sponsored by Reebok, BOKS is a 45 minute before school program for grades K-5 that’s either organized into a 12 week curriculum delivered twice a year or three times per week delivered year round. Each session uses a 5 segment exercise program with a weekly skill topic that includes games associated to the skill and …


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Comparing Youth to the Core and Presidents Youth Fitness Program

There are only a few other programs that offer a similar program to Youth to the Core so we’ve decided to review them and compare their programs to what we offer here at Youth to the Core. The Presidents Youth Fitness Program (PYTFP) is an assessment program that was created in partnership with the National …


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Comparing Youth to the Core and SPARK

PARK is a program that holds a 6 hour or 12 hour workshop to train school educators to implement a physical education program on their own. They are provided with materials and assessment forms for the teacher to implement and support. Once the workshops are completed SPARK provides a follow-up and sustainability program for the …


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Test Scores and Physical Education: a Priority Run Amok

The “No Child Left Behind” Act first implemented in 2002 has created a testing frenzy in many of our schools.  It has resulted in the elimination of art and music, so teachers have more time to prepare for tests.  But it has also impacted kids in other ways.  Now, more than ever, as schools across …


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Cardiovascular Affects on Heart Rate and Breathing



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California’s State Physical Education Requirements

California’s State Physical Education Requirement states that students need at least 200 minutes of physical activity per 10 days of instruction. Recess and lunch do not count toward that total. And recently, more than three dozen schools have been named are sliding under the law even as they earn awards for health. A class-action lawsuit …


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Joseph E. Donnelly – “Physical Activity and Academic Achievement in Elementary School Children”

Hear one of our board members, Joseph E. Donnelly discuss the coorelation between physical activity and academics in elementary school youth.


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Physical Education Helps Students Academically

Perhaps we should blame the aggressive chlorine smell from the towels; maybe an inopportune crack from Mr. Biller, the gym teacher, or maybe the kids who made fun of our knees and calves. But a lot us have less than flowery memories of pys ed. In fact, some people may think of physical education as …