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6 Ways Exercise Science Builds Healthy Lifestyles

We’ve talked a lot here at Youth to the Core about why physical education and a sound knowledge of the science of exercise is so important for growing children. Unfortunately, many schools have slashed physical education from their curriculums and children are left to piece together their own information about their health and personal well-being. …


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Exercise Science: Boosting Test Scores with Exercise

Anyone who follows our blog here at Youth to the Core knows how strongly we feel about keeping recess and exercise science in our children’s schools. We’ve written before about the importance of recess and PE in the overall development of a well-rounded education, but today we’re going to talk about how regular exercise can …


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PE and Recess: Necessary for Top Performance

At Youth to the Core we have always been strong proponents for keeping recess and PE in schools. We believe that children need some time to stretch their legs and get their blood flowing, kids just aren’t meant to sit motionless at a desk for eight hours a day. Now there’s an ever-growing body of …


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Let Kids Move: Keep Recess and PE in Schools

These days children are expected to do more in school than ever before. Complex academic topics are introduced earlier and earlier, and children are expected to sit in their seats for more and more time each day. Recess and PE are quickly becoming a thing of that past, and that’s bad for everyone. It may …


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A new year with new opportunities for youth health

It seems that every year has new headlines decrying the suffering health of our kids. Child obesity is considered an epidemic, while even our school cafeterias are being lambasted for poor nutrition and junk food. While it’s never fun to focus on how children’s health may be declining in some areas, at least it gives …


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Pilates and the Power of Youth Injury Prevention

Have you heard the phrase, “the best defense is a good offense?” No doubt you have. It’s often used in sports, or even as a mental illustration of a strategic approach. Rather than letting yourself get caught off-guard, why not eliminate the opposition as much before they even have a chance to turn the tables? …


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Promoting Active Education in a Classroom Environment!

Many people still approach the mind and body as separate components of health. Or they consider the “mind” element to be primary, and the body is submissive to it, with health being the result of mental willpower or some such. The truth is, they’re interlinked and equally important. Yes, the mind is essential to pursuing …


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Do Kids Need Pre-Pilates Warm-Ups?

Kids often seem to be “always on” when it comes to physical activity. It’s like they can bound into action at a moment’s notice, and their growing bodies already have plenty of energy stored up to engage whatever challenge they face. Do they, like adults, need to warm-up before any sort of exercise? Or can …


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Watching kids watch themselves grow!

One of the joys of raising kids is seeing them develop in such unique ways. Different personalities, different hobbies, different learning styles. For kids, though, sometimes their rapidly changing and growing bodies can be a source of frustration. They’re constantly having to adapt to new circumstances, overcome new obstacles, and rediscover what they’re capable of. …