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The State of Youth to the Core

When we began our program in September, 2011, we set out on a journey that began with 23 K/1st graders in one classroom at the McGill School of Success. In meeting once a week for 45 minutes at a time, we began to develop a curriculum that ultimately created a standards-based Physical Education template for …


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The Under-rated necessity of structured recess

When I think back to my own time at recess, I am immediately reminded of the rush of fresh air on my face, the smell of fresh bark, the sound of my friends shouting and laughing in the distance and most importantly, the winded satisfaction I felt in my lungs as I walked back to …


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Do Kids Need Pre-Pilates Warm-Ups?

Kids often seem to be “always on” when it comes to physical activity. It’s like they can bound into action at a moment’s notice, and their growing bodies already have plenty of energy stored up to engage whatever challenge they face. Do they, like adults, need to warm-up before any sort of exercise? Or can …