Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum



At Youth to the Core we provide a standardized physical and health education curriculum that will benefit the overall development of every child. We have created an easy to follow system with extensive learning tools that is fun, interactive and beneficial for teachers, parents and children so everyone can work together for the overall health of the child.


PHYSICAL FITNESS – Nationally recognized “Let’s Move Active School” Award program


Our “Kinesthetic Learning Approach” allows students to discuss, identify and perform exercises specific to the body in discussion which fosters practical learning so the lessons stick with young children. We administer the Presidents Youth Fitness Tests, PACER, BMI and skin fold assessments twice a year to chart each students development. The data is part of an ongoing study with our partners at the University of Kansas to decrease childhood obesity while enhancing academics. The exercise program is based on the Pilates Technique mat program, adding standard stretches and basic cardiovascular movements that are modified for kids
ages 4-12.
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Grade specific academic reinforcements with a pre/post and mid term test are administered each year to all grades T/K-5. The lessons are coordinated with exercises and movements specific to the topic with colored “Building Blocks” for comprehension and identification for all ages. Synchronized with the curriculum grade specific, standardized take home projects are given. All projects are chosen specifically to tie into the curriculum yet functional for any level or class size.
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NUTRITION EDUCATION – San Diego Unified School District Certified “Garden to Cafe” program


We offer a unique hands-on learning experience through our Health Science Garden Program. We created a 1000 square foot soil-based garden which is used for age-based, standardized math and science projects throughout the year. Students in all grades assist with planting, composting, maintaining and harvesting the garden while using it in their daily academic life. Students receive diet and nutritional instruction that provides them food to take home or eat at the school.